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Trump trompe-l'œil has me down. (Week 11)


Too much optimism can be a dangerous thing in politics, especially for democrats.  For the next four years we get to call a man with zero political experience the 45th president of these United States.  I’m not proud of our voting population and far less of the people who chose not to participate.  After Sanders was plucked from the primaries by the DNC with the aid of major media corporations, this election became less about revolutionary change against the establishment and more about keeping things the way President Obama constructed over the last 8 years.  For this reason my vote went to Hillary Clinton.  

Fun fact, as of Tuesday, November 16, Clinton is leading Trump in the popular vote by 1,125,855 votes. He reportedly has 61,283,176 votes, while she has 62,409,031.  This difference in votes is expected to continue rising.

I’ve never seen so many tears after election day.  My feelings surrounding the results have made it hard to make strides toward my intended thesis in April.  Eventually I will get it together but until then I have been doing other projects.  Last Saturday there was a wet plate collodion workshop.  Way cool to work with ether, silver nitrate, and potassium cyanide, to complete a process invented in 1851.

I have spent most of my free time working with the results of the bronze pour two Mondays back.  I poured into a mold of an actual jade plant.  Don't worry the plant is still alive, just not the part I put into the oven.  More photos and details from that event soon.

I think it is coming along nicely.  Ismael made a mask for Katy B Funk.

Our president elect is false says the undergrads.  I have to agree.

On a brighter note, 25 people came to Critique Group for an incredible conversation with Katy Daiber about her work.  As a sophomore, this girl is making work that competes with graduate level work.  She will go far.

Visiting artists Sarah and Max made 101 pots on the throwing wheel just because they wanted to teach themselves how to do it.  They had a show about it and gave all the pots to people they have interacted with at CCAD this semester.  More photos from that event soon.

Then I created a response to Call and Response with the help of Katie B Funk.  I tied a string to each piece of art as it related to one another, creating 6 loops and involving 400+ meters of yarn.  It was incredible when we finished and only lived for about 16 hours before we took it down.  Again, more photos later that aren’t cell phone shots.  While the pieces only had two strings connecting them to other works, the shadows created in the space implied to the connections between the works as a whole.  

And finally here are some photos of recent leaning cube experiments.

I’ll write more when I feel like it.  Trump trompe-l'œil has me down.

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