Hitting the Road... Soon

So, for all you people watching my site, I am going to be hitting the road in the near future.  Probably in a month or so after the holidays, to do nothing but take pictures across the United States.  I will be hitting places like the Rockies, the Grand Canyon, the major parks out west, and if I get through the Rockies in my little automobile I will be shooting photos on the western coast line.  Pretty much anything that peaks my fansy will become victum to my camera and eye.  I intend to post pictures whenever I can find internet access along my journey.  Hitting the road... soon.


Liquid Glass

This is a film I created called Liquid Glass.  It was made for a communication arts class durring the same time that Grasping Photons, a body of photographs, was being created in the Spring of 2009.  I feel that the two concepts played off of each other as they were both created through the exploration of the facets of light and movement during sections of time.  I had a really good time turning these green glass sculptures from Allegheny's campus into flowing water.

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